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Village Bulletin

  • 24th Annual GSAT Conference

    24th Annual GSAT Conference
    ​The 24th Annual GSAT Conference and Fair will be held this coming March. Interested participants must register by contacting GSAT at 735-2490; TTY 735-2491; or email: gsat@guamceddars.org.  For more information, please click on "READ MORE" to see flyer.

  • GAIN - Guam Animals In Need

    GAIN proudly presents the Lynn Raulerson Spay and Neuter Clinic!  Spays and Neuters for Cats and Dogs for $45.00.  Call to schedule your pets at 653-6717 or 653-4246.

  • Churches in Inarajan

    San Isidro Church
    Mass Schedule
    San Isidro Church
    Located in the district of Malojloj, this Catholic church is a more recent structure than St. Joseph’s. However, Malojloj residents take equal pride in their celebration of the Malojloj fiesta in May every year in honor of their patron saint, San Isidro.

    Weekly Mass:

    Tuesday – Saturday:   6:30 AM

    Saturday Anticipated Mass:  5:00 PM

    Sunday Mass:  6:00 AM  &  8:00 AM


  • Churches in Inarajan

    Saint Joseph Church
    Mass Schedule
    Saint Joseph Church
    Inarajan’s Catholic Church was established by the Spanish in late 1680 and has been rebuilt several times, most recently in the late 1990s. It has been the center of the village for several hundred years. The village holds two fiestas for its patron saint: one in March in honor of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, and another in May in honor of St. Joseph, the Worker.  It is also the burial site of Father Jesus Baza Duenas, a martyr who was one of the two Chamorro priests on Guam during World War II.

    Weekly Mass:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 6:00 PM*

    *Thursdays - upon request
    Saturday: 7:15 a.m./ Vigil: 6:00 PM**

    **fulfills Sunday obligation
    Sunday Mass: 7:00 AM & 9:00 AM

This Month In Inarajan

Buenas Yan Hafa Adai!

The Guam Education Board (GEB) approved the expansion of the pilot Pre-Kindergarten Program to five additional schools in for School Year 2018-2019.  The pilot program currently serves 72 students at four elementary schools throughout the island, including Finegayan, LBJ, Marcial Sablan and J.Q. San Miguel Elementary Schools.  With the unanimous GEB approval of the program, GDOE plans to extend Pre-K offerings to five additional schools next fall.  These include Inarajan, P.C. Lujan, Maria Ulloa, Agana Heights and Daniel L. Perez Elementary Schools, based on the availability of funds.

Public Notice made pursuant to provisions of  Article 5, Chapter 24, Title 11 Guam Code Annotated- 2017 Real Property Tax Assessment Roll is available at the Inarajan Mayor's office for public inspection. Subject document is also available at the Real Property Tax Division, Dept. of Revenue and Taxation.

World War II Claim Compensation forms are available at the Mayor's Office.

Residents are reminded to keep pets restrained or tied to your private properties.  Pet owners are responsible for damages or injury caused by your pets.  Unleased dogs can be subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000 in addition to compensation to the injured party.

Requests for Mayor's Verification/Certification of Residency must be called in one (1) day in advance.  Call 475-2509/11, to request for your Mayor's Verification.

Residents must reserve chairs/tables/canopies two (2) weeks in advance.  Death (s) in the community, Mayor's civic/community functions and municipal activities take precedence over private party reservations.

Facilities Usage fees for reservations for the use of the Inarajan Community Center has been in effect since November 1, 2017.  For further information, please call the Mayor's Office or the Community Center at 828-0288.

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Mayor's Picture

Message from Mayor Doris Flores Lujan

It is an honor and a privilege, as Mayor of Inalahan to serve and represent this community.  I am pleased to welcome all visitors to our beautiful historic village – in person and on our website. You have chosen a destination that is rich in its culture and heritage by showcasing various Chamorro traditions. With the help of our staff, your Mayor and Municipal Planning Council members, we are at work to make life in our district the best that it can be and move toward the future with foresight, dedication, and optimism.

As Mayor, my goal is to make sure our residents are connected to (and informed about) the work we are doing on their behalf, both in the immediate community and beyond. Please visit this site as often as you can while we do our best to update and improve the material it contains. We welcome and encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions that will help make this site more appealing and beneficial to you.  Please remember that my door is always open to you and feel free to call or send me an email (mayordorisfloreslujan@gmail.com) anytime. This website is an important tool.


Mayor of Inarajan