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Mayor Doris Flores Lujan


It is an honor and a privilege, as Mayor of Inalahan to serve and represent this community.  I am pleased to welcome all visitors to our beautiful historic village – in person and on our website. You have chosen a destination that is rich in its culture and heritage by showcasing various Chamorro traditions. With the help of our staff, your Mayor and Municipal Planning Council members, we are at work to make life in our district the best that it can be and move toward the future with foresight, dedication, and optimism.
As Mayor, my goal is to make sure our residents are connected to (and informed about) the work we are doing on their behalf, both in the immediate community and beyond. Please visit this site as often as you can while we do our best to update and improve the material it contains. We welcome and encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions that will help make this site more appealing and beneficial to you.  Please remember that my door is always open to you and feel free to call or send me an email (mayordorisfloreslujan@gmail.com) anytime. This website is an important tool.



       Linda A.T. Borja             Jose C.P. Taitague                Maria  Manglona                Tisha N. P. Perez 
      Administrative Assistant           Municipal Clerk                     Recreation Leader II                 Recreation Leader I
                                                                                                   Inarajan Senior Center          Inarajan Community Center            

        Bobbie Manglona                  George Flores Jr.             Roy S.N. Aguigui                    Shawn Cabrera                  
Community Maintenance Worker     Community Maintenance Worker      Community Maintenance Worker     Community Maintenance Worker                


Inarajan Municipal Planning Council

The Mayor of Inarajan provides these services and more:

  • Mayor’s Verification/Certification
  • Transfer of Residency
  • Request for Logistics (Canopies, chairs, tables and benches)
  • Request for Coral
  • Request for Street Light Repairs 
  • Request for Medical Fundraiser (Use of Baseball Field; Senior Citizens Center)
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